“Being able to pour all my energy into helping others prepare for the important days of their lives, can transform the frown on my face into a genuine smile. The pleasure and honor to make people feel beautiful and confident in any occasions is unparalleled. All this makes me fall deeper in love with what I do everyday.”

David Tengker - Founder of House of David Group
A Journey Filled with Passion & Determination

A few decades ago, a couple was inspired to start a company that would express their love and passion in hair styling and make up at an advanced and professional level, to empower people with self-esteem by bringing out everyone’s inner beauty.

The pioneer couple is David Ponda Tengker & Lily Tengker. The first House of David was born in WR Supratman, Central Surabaya, as an upscale professional hairdressing and make up services. Elegant hairstyle, make up and fashion has always been their dedication. This elegant fashion is supported by the salon atmosphere that radiates a luxurious sensation, where the elegant beauties socialize. David & Lily infuse their inspiration deep into each and every specialist in House of David so it becomes one of the first professional beauty company to put efforts in setting the standard trends in Surabaya, and continue to strive to this day.

Steadily, House of David Hairdressing and Bridal has become one of the city’s top destinations for bridal styling, make up, and unique glamorous wedding dresses.

Driven by their deep passion in elegant beauty styling and their determination in empowering everyone to feel beautiful and confident everyday, they enjoyed the ups and downs of their journey in becoming the trendsetter in hairstyle and hair fashion. They continuously refine their skills and introduce their creativity to the public. Without diminishing their quality and consistency, House of David expanded to Bali and House of David Spa was born. A few years later, House of David yet expanded to Waterplace de Residence in Western Surabaya. Carrying the original inspiration of empowering everyone to look and feel beautiful and confident everyday, House of David Waterplace has flourished into one of the places where successful executives sought either a place to help boost their confidence before their important meeting, or a place to find their inner peace after a rough day at the office.

The spirit of empowering people to feel confident with expressing their own styles has lead to the creation of Highstreet: a place to have fun and hang out, while people can pamper themselves with the relaxing treatments, as well as a place to find a team who can help make the desire to express their own styles a reality.

House of David has shown the determination and commitment in creating the most elegant hairstyle and beautiful fashion. Kérastase Paris, a top-in-its-class brand from L’oreal Group, appoints House of David as one of the first ambassadors of the brand in Surabaya. This supports the growth of House of David in the hair-styling and beauty industry.

A commitment to empower you with self-esteem by bringing out your inner beauty, is the driving force in every style we create.

This commitment was passed on to the next generation, where David & Lily’s son and daughter help support making their visions come true.


The management team is a melting pot of specialists from different backgrounds, joining forces to empower each and every one of their staff to become leaders and be successful together. The service team consists of magnificent artists whose sole purpose is to empower their clients with self-esteem to confidently feel beautiful everyday. Both teams work in concert with each other, embracing the future, where we all make our vision a reality.

David Ponda Tengker


Lily Tengker


Melaty Tengker


Daniel Ponda Tengker